The first half was fantastic - good plot and character development with an intriguing story, plus a dash of action. The star-studded cast doesn't hurt matters either - creating some excellent characters. Exactly half way through it flipped and felt like someone different wrote the other half of the movie.

In a very JJ Abrams manner of destroying the film they threw in an alien wolf trying to eat Kirk, suddenly mauled by a giant alien dinosaur attempting to eat him. The shadowy opponent was promptly turned into a cliche super-villain.

I haven't watched much Star Trek so I don't know if the story fits canon, but the first half should make sci-fi fans proud. The second half should be relegated to a B-movie cutting room floor.
This is a weird mix of MMO leveling and FPS, and in a certain aspect it works okay, but at other times it can be frustrating.

The beginning of this game includes a lot of scripted sequences, which can be a bit annoying if you play through multiple times, as was intended (you reach level 35 or so on the first playthrough, 50+ on the second). The first time playing it seems incredibly smooth and well paced, teaching you all your necessary skills painlessly.

The game itself isn't hard - I was level 13 before I died the first time - but after a while it gets annoying to take headshots and not actually kill the enemy, like a normal FPS. This is due to the level mechanic - killing an enemy one level above you is difficult, and two is nearly impossible. The exception is playing the tank/melee character, who has a special ability that flattens higher levels with ease.

There is also a melee enemy class known as Psycho that has an annoying tendency, when injured, to run full tilt at you holding a hand grenade above their heads. Many times when this happens they are inescapably close, which results in your instant death.

Lastly, the bosses tend to take 3-10 minutes for a solo player to slowly tear through their massive health pools - almost like fighting an MMO raid boss on your own. Almost every boss also has a group of annoying normal enemies to dispatch during the beginning of the fight as well. These encounters are probably much more suited to the co-op gameplay.

Overall a mixed bag, fun in certain aspects, but also one of the few games that makes me feel angry when I play it. That's a sure sign the enemies aren't quite as balanced as they should be.
This biopic provides a fairly objective and accurate view of Dr. Jack Kevorkian's life in the public eye. It begins with his first foray into euthanasia and takes the viewer all the way through to his eventual conviction. I think it's important to note that the film handles its controversial subject with care. It never frames any situations in a way that forces an opinion on the viewer.

The direction is fairly straightforward, shot in the style of most docudramas with few camera tricks or artsy shots. The one exception to this is several of the patients' videos, which are the actual videos shot by Kevorkian but with Pacino superimposed over him. The musical score is also what you'd expect to find in this type of film: generic orchestral music that fades into the background.

This is arguably Pacino's best performance in the last 15 years. His appearance, mannerisms, and even his accent mirror that of Kevorkian's nearly flawlessly. At times it's hard to believe that it's actually Pacino playing the role. The rest of the cast delivers solid performances as well.
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